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About LM Wilson

LM Wilson is an Australian author. Loves art in all shapes and forms. Between being a mother and published Author (both traditionally and Indie), has her hands full yet still manages to produce a book every couple of months. 
LM Wilson has been writing since the age of fourteen. First published at sixteen. Has a Diploma in English Literature and A diploma in IT Networking. Hundreds of published novels in all genres and several known and unknown Pseudonyms. She's funky and weird, but you can blame that on the fact that she lives upside down and backwards in the Land of Aus!


Areyna's Secret

Forgotten Past Book 1

I’ve been working on this latest release for quite some time now, and can’t wait for you to read it. This book first started out as a side project, but soon turned into a fascinating undertaking which I think will rival all my other books.

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Cursed in Love

This is the start to a real adventure, a real life filled with college parties and hardworking students. The best part, or worst if you want to think of it that way, is that I don’t know a single person here.
College was supposed to be my fresh start, a chance to get away from my past and the pain. But College isn’t what I was expecting it to be, that’s for sure.
The problem with running away from your problems is that sometimes they find you anyway. 
And sometimes, new problems find you.
Some of the problems that find me are the mix up with my assigned housing, guys who know what they want and aren’t afraid to take it and my past nipping at my heels. 
My name is Jasandria Kildan and this is how I met my Harem and learnt that sometimes it takes more than two hearts to make a family.
If you like College drama, complicated love and Reverse Harem relationships, you’re in for an emotional ride with this book.
This is a Reverse Harem Contemporary Romance 

Lost Among the Lies

Godling Book 1

My name is Ella Daniels,
I always thought I was normal, but when my parents go missing, things begin to become clear yet complicated in the most amazing ways. Finding my parents should be my first priority, but when I meet a new guy at school, things become so confusing that I’m left juggling the chaos of not only my life, but also those of the new guy and his friends. 
I’ve come to realise, I’m not normal, I never was. 
My past, present, and future collide in the strangest of ways, and I’m left wondering; Can I have it all or will it all come crashing down like the Hell my new friends are from?
This is an RH slow burn, with fantasy and magical elements, with a little bit of mythology thrown in.
Some scenes may be distressing to readers and some may leave you asking, “When will I get to read more?”
Recommended reading age is 17+

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All Hallowed Tales: Halloween Anthology 
by Riley Walker, LM Wilson and several other fantastic authors
LM Wilson's story in the anthology is 

Moora County Murders

My name is Jade Pollard, I am insane, or so they say I am.
One fateful night labelled me a monster and now it's my mission to prove my innocence.
I'm not a monster I'm not a murderer, but no one believes me. Would you face a monster to prove your innocence? But, how do you fight something that is already dead?
I just want the truth to be revealed. This is my story.
Don't judge me till it's over...
Is the monster real or am I insane? – Moora County Murders – LM Wilson